Have you ever had something fail just at the point you need it? No salt just when you need to season your food. A massive brake failure just when you need to travel. A funny, heavy downpour of rain when you had planned to take your woman or man to somewhere ‘special’. Name it. Disappointments can be frustrating. But what is more frustrating than not being able to get a service just when you need it- airtime, data, electricity, and constant TV time. That’s pretty frustrating, especially when you need to make a life-changing call or send that one email that will turn things around for you.

service, vtpassAnd what is even irking is that these things that seem quite easy to get sometimes will not be accessible for very funny reasons. For one, it might be a public holiday and the all available outlets to get any of these services might be under locks. Again, you find yourself in any place where getting to buy recharge card, paying your electricity bill or renewing your tv subscription is as good as walking about, looking for a pin in the whole of Sahara Desert. You might be a little bit under the weather and incapable of going around or it might just be that the recharge card you end up buying has been used!

service,vtpassReally, there are lots of reasons you might not get your everyday services just when you need them. But there is one service that does not disappoint at any time or anywhere and that’s VTpass.


glo,mtn,airtel,9mobile, is your one-stop online payment platform through which you can pay for any such service like your phone airtime (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, 9MOBILE), Cable TV subscription (DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES), Electricity bill and other services. Because of its widespread reach, you can utilise the services we offer at anywhere and at any time. has proven over time to be the reliable courier to whom you can entrust the payment of your bills to be done with speed and convenience.And to make it even better, you can make any such payment in just three easy steps:

Even better, you can make any payment in just three easy steps:

Log on to

glo, share,service

Select the network you want to pay for and enter the phone number you want to pay into in the displayed form.


It’s as easy as it looks.


If on any occasion, you feel the need to reach us as regards any such issues urging redress, we are always on hand to take in your comments, complaints or suggestions. You can reach us at any time through the following channels:


Phone: 08138752358

Support website:

Live chat on the website

By lodging your complaints through any of these channels, your unresolved issues will be attended to as soon as possible. We are open to all and any of your suggestions and recommendations regarding our services.

So, if you have always been disappointed in various capacities. Then, this is one platform you are sure you will never experience any failure or frustration. is simple, safe and secure.


  1. Pls I paid 4300 for my dstv on Friday, 28 June,2019 but after 24 hours it is not connected, on checking my balance I saw #2600,what do I do?

  2. After making payment I wasn’t still connected, I tried reaching out to the customer care number 08138752358 so as to seek help on what step to take to secure connection but instead the customer care number was on a call and afterwards ended the call on me severally till it was switched off and this happened 21:30pm 21/09/19.I was so angry and wished I never used VTpass for this payment…please I’m yet to be connected and I don’t know if you could be of assistance

    1. Good morning Amadu. Nobody will ever end your call. As a matter of fact, we run a 24-hour customer support system so if you were not able to reach us, it was because our guys were very busy. We are always trying to improve our services so you can be assured that it will get better. Please, kindly shoot us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram anytime you can’t get across to our call centre.

    1. Hello, there might be some reasons for that e.g if you decoder was switched off while subscribing for gotv, it would not reconnect.

      Kindly provide me with the transaction ID or your IUC number and we would look into it right away. Follow us on social media:, or on instagram @vtpass

    2. Good afternoon, sorry for the inconvenience, kindly provide me with details of the transaction

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