Reasons You Should Choose VTpass

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VTpass is an online bills payment/processing platform with a fast-growing network of agents across the country. In earnest, the acronym VTpass translates to V-voucher, T- ticket, and P pass. And that’s exactly what we are specialised in. We look forward to a time where you can pay for all your on one platform with us!

VTpass, as we know, is a bills payment platform designed to help individuals make payments for various services ranging from TV subscription, electricity bill payment, airtime recharge, internet data purchase, education bill payments, event tickets and lots more.

With its very robust API, VTpass powers a lot of third-party platforms who provide similar services.

Furthermore, here are five reasons why you should trust VTpass for online bills-payment;


Simply visit on your browser or download the VTpass app for android to make bills-payment


All transactions carried out on VTpass is 100% secure and you would only be charged upon confirmation. Your credit/debit card details are very secure when you chose VTpass and you will NEVER be charged for a service you did not authorize. It is important to us that you feel safe when you use us.


Carry out your bills-payment on VTpass and get the service delivered in less than 30secs.


Make payment for any service from the convenience of your home or work-space as all you need to do is log in to on any device to carry out the transaction. 


VTpass services are active 24/7 and its customer support agents are always ready to attend to your needs.
Contact us;

Phone: 08138752358


You can renew or upgrade your GOtv online in a few simple steps:

To pay for your GOtv online, you would need your IUC number handy. Your IUC number is a unique 10-digit code number that represents your GOTV decoder account. It is normally written on a red sticker just underneath your GOTV decoder.

You will also need a debit card with which you will be making payment.

VTpass allows the subscriber to pay into his subscription account for the renewal of his services from the VTpass web link. This platform interfaces with a billing system that will give you the subscriber immediate value and you will be connected within a few minutes!.

To pay your GOtv subscription online: Kindly make sure that your decoder is turned on so that `your decoder can receive signals from GOTV towers.

Log on to and select the GOtv bouquet of your choice (GOtvlite, GOtv Vslur, GOtvplus or GOTV max).

Enter your IUC number, e-mail address, and enter your mobile phone number.

Kindly enter your name and double-check to see that your IUC was filled correctly

Choose your payment method

Enter your card details i.e. Card Number and Expiry Date as inscribed on your debit card, and then enter your 4 digit PIN.

Click PAY once, the transaction has been completed and your GOtv account is credited, your viewing will be restored.

That is how easy it is to pay for Gotv online in Nigeria. For an equally helpful post on how to pay for your DSTV online in Nigeria, kindly visit this page.

You can also learn how to subscribe for your startimes bouquets here.

VTpass Presents: Terminal Agents Bumper Rewards

Terminal agents

Hello Terminal agents! Good news here:

You can now enter this competition to stand a chance of winning 25,000 Naira weekly in the VTpass Terminal agents bumper giveaways. For the month of September, we are giving away 100,000 Naira to 4 deserving terminal agents weekly. This giveaway is our token of thanks to all of our terminal agents who continue to help us achieve our goals as a company. So how does this work?

Terminal Agents Bumper Rewards: How Does it Work?

As already explained above, we are going to be giving away 25,000 Naira away every week to the overall winner and also we would be giving away consolation prizes to other runners up every week. So the question is how do you become the first position?

Terminal Agents Bumper Rewards: How Do You Win?

The only thing you need to do to stand a chance of winning is that you have to carry out a minimum of 50 transactions per week.

Do you think it’s difficult? Here’s the breakdown:
Carry out about 7 transactions every day for one week
that amounts to 49 transactions
Add one more transaction to it on any day
What do you have? 50 transactions!

Kindly note that the more transactions that you carry out, the better your chances of winning every week!

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