Hot weekend gist

Hot Weekend Gist With VTpass

It started out as a slow Friday morning, we couldn’t wait for the day to end and for the weekend to begin, until hot weekend gist dropped suddenly! Get ready. Grab your popcorn and drink, because this one is very loud!

Segz, as we fondly call our customer service boss, came to serve us hot peppersoup gist to drive away the cold on a rainy day. Not to drag this on any further, sit back, relazzz, and enjoy the gist!

So, there’s this spot where Segz normally gets meals from sometimes on his way to work. On getting there this interesting Friday morning, he meets a large crowd gathered. One would have thought a protest was happening or something, and you know in Lagos, you learn to be wary of large crowds. You either have something stolen from you, get a stray punch land on your face, or maybe even get roped into something you know nothing about. Ehnehn nau!

Anyway, the woman selling food downloads the full gist to our guy and he couldn’t believe his ears. Whuuuttt! In his words “I am used to seeing things like this in movies, this is the first time I am confirming that it is real.” What could he have heard, you wonder…

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Anyway, back to our gist…

Here’s What Happened!

So, it turns out this guy slept over at his girlfriend’s place the previous night. That doesn’t warrant a crowd yet right? Chill. This guy purported used stuff because he wanted to kill somebody’s daughter, only for day to break and, sadly, he had passed away.

The hot weekend gist gets more interesting when you add in the fact that this guy was already married. So he went to play an away game and passed away at the house of his side chick. Now side chick is crying and people are gathered. Problem! How do they tell his wife? What will the wife tell people? True true, problem no dey finish o, wa ti ma gbo!

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