Simplify your JAMB registration; Secure your E-PIN today

Ahead of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam, are you well-prepared? Securing your JAMB E-PIN is an essential first step towards achieving your academic goals, since it serves as the entrance to higher education in Nigeria. We’ll discuss the value of getting your JAMB E-PIN early in this blog article, as well as how VTpass can make the process easier for you.

Why Set Up Your E-PIN for JAMB Early?

Early JAMB E-PIN security has several advantages:

1. Priority Registration: Register using your E-PIN as soon as possible to avoid waiting in line and confirm the exact exam day and location.

2. Prevent Last-Minute Stress: Obtain your E-PIN as soon as possible; don’t wait until the last minute. Obtaining it in advance will help you avoid hassles and potential delays.

3. Comfort: You may relax knowing that your registration is finished, freeing up your time to concentrate on getting ready for the test.

4. Access to Study Materials: To help you prepare, have access to JAMB study materials and tools, such as practice questions and mock tests.

How to Get Your E-PIN on VTpass:

Log on to 

Navigate to education payment and click on the JAMB E-PIN vending icon. 

Enter your personal (correct) information and choose your preferred exam type (DE or UTME).

Select your payment option, then safely finish the transaction.

Get your E-PIN and comprehensive registration instructions right away by email or SMS.

Get your JAMB E-PIN as soon as possible; don’t wait until the last minute. 

To guarantee a seamless registration process, take charge of your academic future and establish your E-PIN as soon as possible. Purchasing your JAMB E-PIN is quick, simple, and safe when you use the VTpass app or website. Take the first step toward accomplishing your academic objectives by visiting our website right now!

How To Locate JAMB Accredited Centres

Registration for JAMB 2022 is ongoing and due to the updated process by the governing body, registration has to be completed at JAMB accredited centres. Neat right? Yes. We are loving the new structure. The process however, is another conversation

Why? Firstly, you have to have your NIN. Your NIN details are then used to get a profile code. The profile code is used to purchase your JAMB e-PIN. And the process goes on. Need a step by step on how to buy your JAMB e-PIN? We have you covered. Just click here for an easy guide. The e-PIN is then submitted at any of the JAMB accredited centres near you.

You are almost done at this point. Finding a JAMB accredited centre near you however is an entirely different experience. Candidates go from place to place. Having different experiences. Scammers get some. So we built a tool that helps you easily locate accredited centres around you.

Locating JAMB Accredited Centres Easily

To easily find accredited centres around you, simply click To use the tool, simply select your state and type in the city you reside in eg State “Lagos” City “Ogba”. All JAMB accredited centres around you will be displayed, along with their addresses.

Please note that you are not to pay anything at any JAMB accredited centre. When you purchase your JAMB e-PIN from a platform like VTpass, your receipt comes with a breakdown that looks like this below

From the image above, you can see that you already have paid the fee for the accredited centre. This means you are not to pay a dime extra, at any point during your registration. If the centre is asking for a fee, then chances are you are not at an accredited centre.

That’s it. Now you can easily find a JAMB accredited centre near you. In conclusion, you can also make other bills payment like Cable TVelectricity bills airtime and data easily with VTpass. It’s as easy as click, pay and go