We are in the penultimate week of the year, and this is when the peak of festivities happen. Especially, if you live in Lagos, you should be feeling the Detty December heat already. Although, this December may not bang as other Decembers have banged, it is still necessary to have maximum fun. Have you not worked the whole year for this period?

People have fun in various ways. Detty December is the perfect playground for a myriad of exhilarating activities. From the beats of the hottest clubs to the cool of camping under the stars, and the sun-kissed beach hangouts, the options are as numerous as the personalities that revel in them.

The way your #DettyDecember goes will however go a long way in determining how the new year starts for you.

We put together a list to help you have the best of this December. Let’s go!


This is perhaps the most important advice anyone can give you this holidays. Have a budget for every thing you do, and NEVER EXCEED IT. Before leaving home, create a budget. And be disciplined enough not to out spend or overspend. No go do pass yourself, body (your body) go tell you.


What is the opposite of chop life? FRUSTRATION. Imagine you get home after a long day out, to learn that you ran out of electricity. We don’t want you to experience this. Buy enough electricity, so you don’t have to worry about this. You don’t want to run out of units when you have spent all your money. Take my advice, and buy electricity units now.


Watching cable TV can also be equivalent to being outdoors. If you are a homebody, and going out is not really your thing, this should be your thing. Your TV screen will be filled with loads and loads of content to keep you entertained this festive period. You definitely don’t want to miss out on any. Remember, you will also have guests this month and will need to keep them entertained. Renew your TV subscription now.


What is your smartphone without data or airtime? You want to miss out on gossips and happenings around you. As you’re well aware, the cost of activities outdoors can be quite expensive. Why not consider staying indoors and allocating your Detty December budget towards data and Netflix streaming subscriptions? You can relish both cinematic experiences and picturesque views from the comfort of your home.

We are not suggesting you refrain from enjoying outdoor activities, but think of this as an opportunity to become the most-knowledgeable and trendiest among your friends while making the most of your budget. so you want to stock up on airtime and data.


detty december

If you need your clothes done, by Friday. Tell your tailor you need it on Monday. A word is enough for the wise.

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