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Why Your Transaction on VTpass Might Fail and What to do

While at VTpass we take every measure to ensure every transaction you carry out is successful; we are equally awake of failed transactions that can occur at times.

The majority of failed transactions are down to network issues or processing errors. In this article, we would explain why transactions on VTpass might fail and what you can do about it.

Network affecting bank payment

Payment might fail if network failure prevents your bank from confirming a transfer you initiated. Sever downtime at your bank might be responsible for this. In some cases, your bank might debit you without VTpass would receiving the payment.

The simple solution to this is to consult your bank in the event of a debit or contact VTpass support to know the status of your transaction. If your transaction hasn’t gone through, it’s best you wait a while, then try again when the network is stable.

Entering wrong card details

This is so common and perfectly understandable. Making mistakes while entering card details such as bank name, card number, CVV, etc. would prevent any transaction from going through.

Solution: simply enter your correct card details to ensure a successful transaction. Alternatively, you can activate VTpass instant wallet funding to save yourself the stress and errors of using the card every time.

Entering wrong dealer details

Similar to the reason above, entering the wrong meter number when paying electricity bills; wrong IUC or smartcard number when subscribing to your decoder, etc. would cause a transaction failure. The system would either reject the payment process, or it would stall.

In this case, the solution is to restart the payment process and enter the correct dealer details. If you have been debited upon entering a wrong dealer detail, kindly contact VTpass support to advice you on what to do.

However, we advise you to ensure the correct dealer details every time as certain payments (for example, payment made for a wrong meter number) CANNOT be refunded.

Service downtime with a service provider

No one can be blamed for this. When a service provider is experiencing downtime, payments for that particular service might fail. For example; if IKEDC is experiencing a service downtime, payments for IKEDC during the downtime would fail.

To resolve this, simply wait until the downtime passes before initiating payment for the service again.

vtpass transaction

We are always there for you

Whatever might be the cause of a failed transaction, we are always there to resolve it for you. Simply contact VTpass support by chatting us live on the website or app, sending a mail to support@vtpass.com or calling 08138752358.

19 thoughts on “Why Your Transaction on VTpass Might Fail and What to do”

    1. Glad you find this helpful. Keep visiting our blog for more content. Keep enjoying payment made easy by VTpass

  1. Hello VTpass, your services are seamless and I experience zero issues. But this is handy. Online payment can come witn its issues. Thanks for the post

    A PENDING DEBIT of NGN 5,100.00 on YOUR ACCOUNT from FlwPaymentVerification. Use *****as your One Time Password. Expires 01-Dec-20 12:18.

    What does the pending debit mean? That u will take 5k from my account anytime I have up to such amount? For doing what exactly? You failed to send me a toke for my prepaid meter n I finally paid someone to do it n u are telling me d 5k I wanted to use n buy k/w MUST be taken by you people for doing nothing?

    1. Hello. Kindly reach out to support on 08138752358 or connect with us online to have this resolved speedily

  3. Good evening sir my name is Awoyemi Johnson I just subscribe 300 naira a day startime plan. And it was saying initiated… My decoder number is (018322760820)…. Please help me active before it expire…. Thanks hope to hear from you soon….

    1. I paid for my startimes basic bouquet today I was debited and my transaction showed failed after some hours I made payment via bank transfer please can I get my money back or my startimes channels updated

  4. I bought a light token worth 4,900 which ought to be 80.3 kWh but was given 28.3 kWh which is far below what was expected.

  5. I paid sum of 2200 to Sterling bank account 8465628512
    With Mary babarinde account I couldn’t see generated token please do the needful

    1. Hello. Kindly provide your iuc number and the phone number linked to your transaction so we can run a check on your transaction

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